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Primary Objective:

The Centre for Software Engineering (CSE) delivers tailored advisory and training services to technology organisations to address strategic positioning and improved capability.

Primary subject areas are innovation in business, project based initiatives, process management, IT management and software engineering. The CSE also provides evaluation services both to resolve disputes and to position a company for funding and growth.

Clients include the ICT and related services within public and private sector organisations, and both established and start-up high potential technology companies.

The CSE has strong industry expertise and a commitment to assisting clients in maximising the return from new initiatives.

Change Initiative

The theme for 2015 is participation in a "change initiative". In this context the CSE is inviting participation in a forum in each of three distinct areas of change. These are


The set up or improvement in the innovation management system, that is, the capability to generate ideas and concepts and translate to innovation projects and deploy their results for major organisational gain.


The set up or improvement of a process based approach to core activities that will greatly improve the competitiveness and adaptability of the organisation.


The set up or improvement of the efficiency of key creative projects and of key repeatable activities that will greatly enhance value and minimise waste.

Many organisations have some or all of the attributes of being innovative, process oriented, and agile. For them it is to address the effectiveness of those capabilities in bringing the organisation to a high platform of success...

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Training and Seminars for 2015


Agile Project Management - SCRUM & More
Agile Testing
Introduction to Software Testing
ISEB/ISTQB Certificate in Software Testing
Project Management & Portfolio Managem...
Project Organisation and Teamworking
Requirements Engineering - Business Ana...
Software Design - from Architecture to Code
Software Estimation
Software Process Management
UML - Unified Modelling Language
Workshop Facilitation


Creativity and Ideation Process
Fundamentals of Innovation
Gamification and Product design
Innovation and Product Management
Innovation Leadership
IT Innovation
Knowledge Management
Process Innovation and Agile

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