Software in Focus was a bi-monthly, 8-page newsletter produced by the ESSInews project team. Our objective was to provide high quality information on ESSI and other SPI activities across Europe and in particular to SME's. The project produced a set of 15 newsletters as well as an electronic version of each, starting in March 1998. The newsletter was targeted principally at senior technical management in SME's across Europe. The format and quality was specifically designed to maximise impact with such an audience.

This newsletter acted as a stimulus and support to European SPI activities, and helped to create a European-wide focus for such SPI activities, and in itself also made a contribution to the promotion of higher standards of software quality in Europe.

The content is divided into 5 sections:

the Editorial introduces and links topics to be covered.
the Viewpoint section focuses on software engineering. We approached European and American experts for their views. The aim of this section was to stimulate debate.
the Technology Focus section is a themed article with a more technical focus supported by a relevant PIE report.
the ESSInews section gives further details of PIE's and news from the Commission.
the last section was mainly devoted to conference dates and calls for papers.

You can download PDF versions of all 15 Issues.

As the project has now ended, we wish all our readers the very best in their SPI endeavours in the future and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors for sharing their ideas and visions with us.

The ESSInews project was funded by the European Commission under
ESSI: Dissemination Action 24237 and is the successor to ESSIgram.

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